Freelance Design Jobs (Websites)

1) workother

workother is a freelance platform for connecting graphic designers and clients. It provides numerous job categories for logo design, web app design, creating art and illustration, etc. Here, the designers pay a platform fee depends on their designer level, like top level (5%), mid-level (10%), and entry level (15%). Clients publish a contest, and designers can submit their work as an application.


2) Envato Studio


Envato Studio is a community of designers and developers. You can do the job like logo design, website design, Landing Page Design, and more. It is very easy to use platform for beginners. This site allows you to complete the job within the agreed turnaround time and a total number of revisions.


3) Dribbble


Dribble is a hub for the people who are hunting for a freelancing job. It is a place where you can easily share your web designing work with employers and find the most relevant job opportunities. This website contains numerous projects for UI & UX designers, product designers, Visual designers, brand designers, etc.


4) Coroflot


Coroflot enables you to work as a web designer, fashion designer, art director, creative director, and more. It helps you to connect designers with numerous opportunities around the world. Coroflot keeps your personal information and salary confidential.


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