Ice cream cabinet

If you are thinking about adding 雪糕櫃 ice cream to your existing business or starting a new business the best option is an ice cream dipping cabinet. This is a very simple commercial appliance that just requires the space to place it and an electrical outlet. It is just a freezer with a clear top so that your customers can see and pick out the flavor that they want.

An ice cream dipping cabinet is much less expensive when compared to the soft serve option. It is also much less labor intensive as you or your employees just have to open the lid and scoop. Plus, there is obviously not much training involved.

Soft serve machines require a lot more work and maintenance. The mix has to be prepared and poured into the machine. Frequently when your ice cream business starts to take off which is usually pretty fast considering how much people love ice cream. Then the machine should be taken apart and cleaned daily. By contrast, the dipping cabinet just requires replacing empty cartons and an occasional light cleaning. You will also be able to offer your customers more flavors to choose from.

The ice cream dipping cabinet is more reliable than a soft serve machine since it is basically just a freezer. And it is cheaper to operate because it uses much less power.

Product waste is practically nil with the dipping cabinet but any mix left in the soft serve machine at the end of the day should be thrown away.

It is always better to purchase a new cabinet versus a used one because the Health Department tends to nit pick over a used one. It might look OK to you but if it doesn’t to them you may end up buying a new one anyway. Plus, a new cabinet comes with a warranty on parts and labor and you will sell more product too because a brand new, shiny and clean machine makes the product much more appealing to your customers.

If you have a business like a sandwich shop, pizza parlor, gift shop, antiques store or just about any retail business, believe me you can sell ice cream, gelato, Italian ice or yogurt. And, it is profitable if done correctly because you will have a hefty profit margin. These frozen desserts should move quickly because your customers can’t resist them and you will enjoy a quick return on investment.

A quality ice cream dipping cabinet should run you from about $1200 to $4000 depending on size and features. So if you have the traffic into your store you should have a new and profitable income stream in no time.

I’m reaching the age where friends and those I graduated high school with are getting married. I knew this age would come, but it came far too fast. These life long commitments should be something to celebrate. Hence, a wedding of course, but the fun happens at the reception. I see my future reception as something like a theme park. There will be a photo booth, fun souvenirs and ice cream, along with the obvious, great music.

I know what you’re thinking: how am I going to keep the ice cream frozen all night? The answer is very, very simple, a vendor cart. Wouldn’t you want Dippin’ Dots at your wedding? My only problem, with an easy solution, is when I plan out my reception is that ice cream carts can be simple. So, what’s the easy solution? Personalize it! Don’t over do it by personalizing everything at your wedding, though. If you rent a whit ice cream cart, you could add a photograph the couple. I’m thinking black on white. However, I like chic, classic colors.

Add the picture to the front of the ice cream cabinet. Leaving the back plain is fine assuming you have the back facing a wall. On the top of the cabinet, add the date of the wedding in cursive writing. This idea works whether the cabinet doors slide from side to side or if you simply lift it open. From there, it should be more wedding appropriate. Simple additions could include draping a type of border around the sides, like lace, feather boas or tinsel, whatever is in keeping with your wedding colors.

I am lucky to be the maid of honor in my best friend’s wedding; but as for planning my own, that is on a back burner so far away it’s a dot in my head. However, looking over my friend’s plans is giving my ideas for what I would or wouldn’t want at my wedding. It’s all about celebrating a mile stone in a relationship so important to you, you decided you couldn’t live without them.

I find it worth waiting to set a date until you get the location you absolutely want. I may have my reception planned, but that’s all I’ve thought about. Personalizing a vendor’s cart is something unique, at least to any wedding I’ve been to. The wedding reception is where the celebration begins; make it a party.

While walking my dog the other day, I though about a question my consulting clients ask me regularly. What’s the better offering…….Soft Serve or Hard Packed Ice Cream? I’ll go with hard packed every time. Here’s a few reasons why:

  • Soft Serve Machines – new or used are an expensive investment.
  • Soft Serve Machines require a lot more power than a dipping freezer, spiking your overhead.
  • Moving parts make soft serve machines unreliable in comparison to ice cream dipping cabinets.
  • Soft Serve Machines require daily sanitizing – a labor intensive process!
  • Left over soft serve ice cream is supposed to be disposed of daily. Lot’s of waste.
  • Soft Serve machines limit your flavor selection vs. dipping freezers.

On the other hand, some dipping cabinets are affordable, costing less than most used soft serve machines. These dipping freezers are low maintenance and draw minimal power, saving you big on utilities. Training an employee to load ice cream tubs into a dipping freezer and how to scoop properly is a breeze. So is cleaning. It boggles my mind how many Pizza Parlors, Cafe’s, Coffee shops and more businesses burden themselves by buying a soft serve machine, only to later realize how hard the upkeep is. The result? The machines eventually wind up in a back room unused. Makes more sense to buy a piece of equipment that generates a quick return on investment with much less effort.

In closing, soft serve machines can be profitable, but only in a very high traffic environment. Ice Cream Dipping Cabinets are the safer bet if you are just starting out in the business.

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